The Book of Buried Letters

 philosophy unearthed 

Based on a true story, The Book of Buried Letters truly is a tale of insight and intuition through the eyes of a child's traveling spirit... By the time we begin our search to gain some understanding of the beauty and fragility of our lives, the constraints of societal influences and hidden stresses may feel quite smothering. It can be exhausting as we are pushed and pulled in multiple directions while we internally ask questions about the meaning of life and what happens next. People can feel virtually blind by the time they learn to see. But what happens when the veil to those answers remains lucid? The Book of Buried Letters offers an intriguing look and personable discussions towards finding those answers. A look at how the world works in harmony at quantum levels and how we are truly connected each to the other side. Through this real-life tale, we are afforded a rare glimpse into the mind of a young child born with an incredible gift of insight and intuition. Revealed through the unearthing of her buried treasure, the stories, letters, poetry, and gifts of innate knowledge come back to life. Burying her compositions in

glass jars up and down the West coast

of the United States over 40 years

ago some of these beautiful treasures

have been retrieved and the stories revisited.


“Through her eyes, heart and hand these provoking and rarely captured raw bits of emotion and purity captivated my attention... What an extraordinary and embracing point of view...”


"A Very Unique Story. The book touches on several topics from memory and meditation to the quantum world and almost everything in-between. The actually letters Maren found in the ground talk about these subjects also, as well as simple musings. I really enjoyed the letters and the story behind them. Overall the book was an adventure while a lot of reflection took place on my own life and brought around a sense of encouragement and peace."


The Book of Buried Letters is a compilation of the writings unearthed.