Dream Catchers

 and lightening bugs 




natural elements



charming cottage

separate kitchen


integrated landscape

spa bath

This is the time to gather your thoughts, and dreams, and the desires for your project... its the time to start honing in on your vision. 

Finding Inspiration

you can be equally – and often more – inspired by the things you see outside of design. Look at the things that catch your eye, perk your ears (this could be silence), and that make your mouth water. 

Full Disclosure

It is really important that your thoughts and design needs are shared and discussed openly... Even if the ideas are wild - they can often lead to creative leaps.

Bring Notes

As you start thinking about the project, bring a notepad with you - jot down your ideas, grab pictures or small items you like - fabrics, leaves, even sayings and put them in the notebook. And share them when we meet