Hide and Seek

 finding and working with your building team 

Our community has amazing artisans that can breathe life into the design, creating a truly custom space, reduce the stress and save by reducing middleman fees. 

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I've been incredibly fortunate to have worked with some of the best projects (both large and small) in the area. It is really special to work with people who have a similar mindset about service, about integrity, and level of design. It also is exciting to introduce you to talented architects, builders, and craftspeople! Let me know if you'd like referrals, I've got a select few in my bag of tricks that work honestly and with integrity.

Who Does What

You would call architects and remodeling contractors structural planning, and you'd call an interior designers work out optimal room size, traffic flow and lighting. When it comes to choosing and coordinating the color schemes, paint finishes, cabinet styles and light fixtures that go into that room, that's where an interior decorator comes in. An interior designer may be responsible for planning several aspects of an interior space; these may include everything from aesthetics, construction elements, functionality, handicap accessibility, safety, to building code conformity, blue prints, acoustics and construction methods. Your decorator can help you do everything from simply acting as a sounding board  to undertaking, like buying paint and fabric, to scheduling installation and even supervising the job. 

How Much Does it Cost 
The cost of hiring a designer ranges on how involved you would like them. I tend to begin the design with a flat fee. This will give you basic room layout, and 15 hours worth of questions, emails, and drawings. From here we can continue on an hourly rate and our agreement contract will have a cap price. Typically, we work together, come up with a design that matches your needs and style and then we turn over these ideas to your builder. 

I am an independent designer, I am not a sales person, but can give you the name of tradespeople, stores, or help you find online resources for your finishing touches. 

It is my goal to bring you the highest quality design and save you money without missing a note.

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