Paper Airplanes

 and passing notes 

It may not be the typical biography about a designer, or about how things got started, but it is the story of  Maren Muter. From an early age, it was clear a unique creature was meandering about, perhaps enlightened, perhaps a conduit with access to insights from the past as well as the future.

Every week a very young Maren would rearrange her furniture... at least the pieces she could move by creating mechanisms of leverage, usually sitting and pushing with her feet. She spent hours in the woods, in meadows, by creeks, and even watched closely at how the plume of smoke and ash banked against the horizon as Mt. St. Helens erupted. 

She ran barefoot, climbed trees, and believed in the mystical forces of nature with an inspiring a sense of awe and fascination... 


...In primary school, Maren was asked to describe her hand. She did as so,


“Holder of the future, full of hopes and dreams, scarred with defeat, decorated with success, warm and soft it holds my life.”


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She went on to pen thousands of poems, prose, questions, and insights only yo burry these writings in glass jars everywhere she went for thirteen years. Then, as she sat in a phone booth after leaving home at 17, she had a dream it was a treehouse made of glass and knew one day she would really get there.


Working as a business consultant, she learned about people. She learned the psychological effects buildings, rooms, and natural spaces had upon her clients. She began consulting people, and eventually began helping them create the spaces their hearts desired. Bringing them a harmony that engaged their minds, relaxed their bodies, and sent peace to their souls. 

In 2014 she found the treehouse of her dreams, an abandoned Mickey Muenning home in Big Sur California.  After a complete remodel of the deteriorating home, it is now a masterpiece that magnificently blends the Pacific's grand horizon and the rolling landscapes of the Santa Lucia mountains into luxury. 

As you work with Maren, journeying into your design, it is all these facets of life that help bring forward your inspirations.


“My eyes have been opened to a revelation in reality, one that existed perhaps tangentially to the paradigms that I have previously accepted as dogma. I have been trained as a Ph.D. molecular and cell biologist and an M.D. cancer specialist. Through my relationship with Maren, I have experienced energetic phenomenon and other more mundane, earthly occurrences that have changed my perspective on life, and comprehension of physical theories as I previously thought I understood…”  

                                                                                               -Dr. Steven Denstman M.D. Ph.D


P.S. Remember the letters she buried as a child? In 2015, she embarked upon a quest that circled her back to the spaces and places she knew as a child while recovering a small fraction of the letters she buried that had been kept by the earth for over thirty years, and the bounty is awe-inspiring. Maren Muter